We are proud to present a number of preparation resources for HACIA Democracy 2017 for faculty advisors and delegates alike.  Please consult the following guides for this year’s conference.

Delegate training guides


These guides help delegates prepare for their first (or second, or third, or even fourth!) HACIA conference by walking them through what to expect in committee, and how to best prepare for debate.

HACIA Delegate Preparation Guide (English)

HACIA 2017 Guía de Preparación (Español)


Position paper guides


These guides explain to delegates how to write an effective position paper. Position papers are due by March 1st, 2017 and are necessary in order to qualify for an award.

HACIA 2017 Guide to the Position Paper (English)

HACIA 2017 Guía al Documento de Posición (Español)


Faculty advisor training guides


These guides provide tips and advice for faculty advisors to effectively prepare their delegates for conference. They cover public speaking games, advice for first-time advisors, and offer worksheets for advisors to help students work through.

HACIA 2017 Faculty Advisor Guide (English)

HACIA 2017 Guía para Asesores (Español)


HACIA Rules of Procedure


The Rules of Procedure are the official rules of debate at HACIA. These rules are also included in the delegate preparation manual.

HACIA Rules of Procedure (English)

HACIA Reglas de Procedimiento (Español)



HACIA Delegate Training video

The HACIA Delegate Training video is an informal video showcasing actual committee procedure to delegates. The video is currently only available in Spanish.

HACIA Crisis Training

Planning on being in a crisis committee? Read the short guide prepared by one of our staffers for advice on how to make the most of your experience.

HACIA Crisis Training (slides)

HACIA Crisis Training (text)


Committee bulletins

In addition to these general prepping resources, each committee offers a 30-40 page bulletin outlining the key factual information relating to each debate topic. You can find each committee bulletin under its committee page. All committees are listed on this page.


HACIA XXIII Essay Contest

Each year, HACIA delegates get the chance to participate in the President’s Essay Challenge. Students receive a prompt to write a 700-1000 word essay, in English or in Spanish, that relates to the conference’s theme. One winner will be selected to read her or his essay out loud at the HACIA XXIII Opening Ceremonies.

Before we release the prompt for the 2017 essay challenge, please see below for prompt examples from last year:

HACIA XXII Essay Prompt (English)

HACIA XXII Concurso de Ensayos (Español)

For any questions, contact [email protected]