Dear friends of HACIA Democracy,

I could not be more excited to welcome you to the Harvard Association Cultivating Inter-American Democracy’s Twenty-Third Summit of the Americas. This year, our summit will take place March 9th to March 12th, 2017, in the beautiful Sheraton Grand Panamá Hotel, in the country where it all started back in 1994: Panama. HACIA is proud to be able to return this year to our home country.

This page includes information specific to the Twenty-Third Summit of the Americas, including a list of all of our committees. If you are looking to register for the summit, please visit our Registration page. If you are looking for general information about HACIA Democracy, please visit our About page.



Vehicle of Tranformative Power

The theme of HACIA XXIII will be “The Latin American Citizen: Vehicle of Transformative Power.” This theme is meant to provoke critical reflection on the modern challenges facing different Latin American countries– public insecurity, widespread corruption, economic crises, and political turmoil, to name a few– and inspire thought on how the individual can contribute to inspiring and organizing communities to effect change, using existent regional assets and democratic values. How can the individual effect changes necessary to create a just, free, and respectful society for all, using the power of democracy? How can each person work towards keeping the government accountable for their duty to serve the common good? Through this reflection, and in preparing for committee, we hope that delegates will realize the great potential that each person has to effect positive change and mold our own futures.

Timely Committees: Old and New

HACIA XXIII will boast a total of 8 English Committees and 6 Spanish Committees. Seasoned delegates will be familiar with some of our staple regional bodies, like Cumbre, CELAC, Court, and UNASUR. Whether you choose to delve into the recent tax evasion scandal and its fallout relating to the leaked Panama Papers, or look towards the future by discussing cybersecurity in Latin America, or perhaps you dare try to take a position in the Brazilian Senate during one of the most politically tumultuous times of modern major nation, you will find that this year’s HACIA focuses on bringing you timely, contentious topics, meant to challenge and inspire delegates throughout the weekend.

At the same time, HACIA XXIII will introduce new experiences for seasoned and first-time delegates. If you want to travel back in time, we encourage you to apply to staff the Sandinista Front for National Liberation.  If you are interested in international issues, you can discuss the state of Yemen in the Security Council or Latin America’s position on the international scene in the first Africa- South America Summit.

Revitalized Junior Staff and Press Corps Programs

The Junior Staff members are the elite of HACIA Democracy delegates: the experienced HACIA veterans who apply to step behind the curtain and help run a specific committee. Their tasks include preparing pre-conference committee updates, helping the senior chair moderate debate, and fostering a positive and collaborative attitude amongst delegates. Being a junior chair is a unique opportunity for our most experienced delegates to learn more about the inner workings of our conference.

Press Corps at HACIA XXIII will be led by contributor to Time Magazine Julissa Higgins, who will focus on making Press Corps reflect many of the challenges and tactical considerations that real political journalists face. Those interested in getting a taste of what it means to serve as the liaison between public knowledge and power should consider signing up for the journey!

English committees

  • OAS Permanent Council
  • Pan American Health Organization
  • Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
  • Inter-American Court of Human Rights
  • Sandinista Cabinet
  • Crisis Cabinet, Gran Colombia (1821)
  • Legislative Committee
  • Press Corps & NGOs

Spanish committees

  • Junta Suprema Central del Imperio Español de 1808
  • Consejo de Seguridad
  • Cumbre de las Americas
  • Misión Especial de la OEA: Cuba
  • Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos

For any questions, contact [email protected]