March 9-12, 2017 

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Panama City, Panama

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What is HACIA Democracy? 

¿Qué es HACIA Democracy?

HACIA Democracy is the oldest, largest, and most prestigious simulation of the Organization of the American States. Every year since 1995, around 500 high school students from across the Americas come together for a four-day summit to discuss the most pressing social issues in Latin America.

We offer a bilingual conference with 6 committees in Spanish and 8 in English. We are headquartered at Harvard University and count on a team of about 30 Harvard students each year.

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HACIA es el simulacro más antiguo y prestigioso de la Organización de Naciones Americanas. Cada año desde 1999, más de 500 estudiantes de segundaria se reúnen para una cumbre de cuatros días, durante la cual los participantes tienen la oportunidad de conversar sobre los problemas sociales más importantes de América Latina.

Nuestra conferencia es bilingüe y cuenta con 6 comités en español y 8 comités en inglés. La organización tiene su sede en la Universidad de Harvard y cuenta con un equipo de aproximadamente 30 estudiantes universitarios.

Para encontrar más información sobre nuestra conferencia, usted puede dirigirse a nuestra página "Sobre HACIA Democracy."

  • A delegate speaks at HACIA XX
  • Delegates raise their placards to speak
  • Delegates socialize at our multicultural food event
  • Delegates speak up during an unmoderated caucus


Dear Delegates! In order for citizens to act as agents of transformative change in their societies they must be empowered through education. Education in its most basic form is defined by literacy, the ability to read and write– however it extends to things much greater such as critical thinking skills, mathematics, technical skills, etc. TheseContinue Reading

UPDATED—HACIA Democracy XXIII Essay Contest!

We are proud to announce the release of the topic for the HACIA Democracy XXIII Essay Contest! ENGLISH ESSAY CONTEST SPANISH ESSAY CONTEST

HACIA XXII Essay Contest

Welcome to the Essay Congratulations to the winner of the HACIA XXII Essay Contest, Matilde Bustamante! Please find the winning essay below.   Educación: La Piedra Angular Para El Desarrollo Nicaragua, Haití, Cuba—comúnmente referidos como países del tercer mundo—son países de extrema pobreza y bajos niveles de educación. Para entender la situación de Latinoamérica, suContinue Reading

A welcome message from the president

A welcome message from the president

Dear Friends and Faculty of HACIA Democracy, Welcome to Harvard Association Cultivating Inter-American Democracy’s Twenty-Third Summit of the Americas! My name is Sophia Lugo, and I have the honor of serving as this year’s President, alongside the Vice-President Juan Pablo Miramontes. I am currently a third year student at Harvard University, studying History of Science and Neurobiology,Continue Reading

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